Yamaha Drum Set

Yamaha is a Japanese company that was first founded in 1887 by first creating reed organs, tuning forks, and pianos. Now Yamaha is a huge brand name in the music industry. They manufacture or have manufactured keyboard instruments, harmonicas, guitars, band instruments like the trumpet, and drums.

It wasn’t till 1967 where Yamaha made its first acoustic drum. Then in 1986, Yamaha made their first electronic drum pad, and in 1996, the Yamaha DTX electronic drum set series started. Today Yamaha not only continues to develop and advance acoustic and electronic drums, but they also manufacture percussion instruments, marching band equipment, drum hardware, and rhythm machines.
Today, Yamaha continues to make the DTX electronic drum series. Currently available is the DTX400 series, DTX502 series, DTX700 series, DTX900 series, and new DTX402 series. Out of this extensive line of electronic drums the Yamaha DTX522K is a great low to mid level electronic drum kit.
The Yamaha DTX522K comes with the RS502 drum rack made of high quality material giving it more stability.
The RS502 drum rack is flexible and the snare can be mounted on a ball joint for more mobility. It also comes with strong and sturdy cymbal stands. This wide drum rack allows for future expansion to this drum kit.

The DTX522K comes with the DTP522 pad set that includes three tom pads made of gum-rubber, that are single zone. The way it differs from other electronic drum kits on the market is that it comes with an electronic mesh head snare pad. This snare pad is divided into three zones and supports open rimshots and closed rimshots. The three zones include snare, rim, and “cross stick”, you can assign different sounds to the different zones.

The DTP522 pad set also includes a three zone hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal pads. The cymbal pads three zones are the cup, bow, and edge zones. These zones allow cymbal muting and natural cymbal swells giving it great feel and ability to play different sounds. The hi-hat comes with a controller pedal. Finally, it comes with a large rubber kick pad. The only thing about this kit is that the kick pedal is sold separately, which is not advertised.

Another great part about this kit is the DTX502 drum module that comes with all the DTX502 series. It comes with 691 drum/percussion sounds, 128 melodies, and 50 presets. It has USB connectivity, which lets you connect to a PC.
This kit has the ability to be customized using free iOS apps that work with the system. These apps enable users to design training programs, import songs, and customize the set to their desired ability level.
Yamaha is a reputable brand with great quality, which makes this a great kit at a good price point. I would recommend this kit to anyone because of all the features it has over some comparable electric drum kits. The drum module and the three zone snare pad and cymbal pads make it one of the closest drum kits to the real thing. If you don’t believe me, check out this other review on this kit at https://bestedrums.com/yamaha-dtx522k/