Streaming Service

Cable Television has been around since the 1940s. During that era, cable was considered a luxury item and only few households could afford them. However, cable has become the main provider of digital television, movies, and the Internet to most households today. The popularity and use of cable has grown tremendously over many years, but we are starting notice that popularity for cable television has began to decrease over the past couple of years.

I still have cable television at my house with the premium channel package that comes with a sports package, cooking channels, and HBO. The major cable providers used in my area are Comcast xFinity and Verizon Fios. The cost for Internet, phone line, and the television package is over $150 a month. And yes, telephone lines still exist. This is definitely a luxury expense for households. With the growing industry of cell phones and internet, cable services don’t seem to be as needed nor desired; hence the decrease in popularity of cable. Almost every person in a household has their own cell phone; eliminating the need for land line phones in the house. Even though I pay for a land line at my house I don’t have my home telephone phone connected. The reason why I keep the full cable package is because it is cheaper to have the full package rather than selecting specific services that I want.
Land lines in the house are not the only thing that has been removing within the households. Cable television is also being replaced by other options. Many of my friends have been disconnecting their cable television service and moving to a free or subscription based streaming service. They have been talking about the streaming service nonstop and even trying to convince me to cancel my cable package and switching over to the streaming service option.

Streaming of television, which is the digital distribution of television service, started with YouTube where people started uploading illegal content for viewing. Netflix was not far landline their streaming content after starting from DVD rentals. Then independent sites began to stream televised shows and movies that were being aired on television networks. Now that there are a bunch of sites that offer this type of service, many people, especially middle aged groups used these sites rather than paying for cable television service.

There are monthly subscription based streaming services, and there are devices that are sold that can stream television. Some of the available devices include Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. The monthly subscription based streaming seems more popular and still cheaper than what the cable providers are charging. Some of the major streaming sites include YouTube TV, Hulu, and Sling TV. PlayStation also offers a streaming subscription called PlayStation Vue that uses the PlayStation gaming console. Amazon even offers streaming of videos for their Prime members.

Although streaming services seems ideal and is very appealing, I am not certain about cancelling my cable service and switching over to the cheaper streaming service. The other great thing about this monthly subscription is that you can try it out through their free trial services, and even if you decide to commit to a service, you can easily cancel the service whenever you change your mind. Cable providers still require a two-year contract for better pricing. So, even if you change your mind in the future, you are tied down for the next two years. Sometimes, for being loyal customers, there are lots of perks. However, cable services do not offer better pricing for loyal customers. I have experienced having to switch back and forth between two competitive services in order to get a better deal.