Roland V-Drums

The V-Drums is an electronic drum kit line manufactured by Roland. Roland has different lines of kits from a higher end to lower end which includes the following TD-1, TD-4, TD-11, TD-17, TD-25, TD-30, and TD-50. Each of these lines also comes in different variations of triggers with the same drum brain module.

Every Roland V-Drums kit is made up of a module, stand, and triggers. The electronic drum module is the central processing unit for all the triggers. The module takes the electronic signals from the triggers and synthesizes the sounds. The stand is where all the triggers and module are mounted. The triggers on the electric drum set are hit with the drumsticks to make electronic sounds that mimic the acoustic drum set. There are drum pads, kick drum pad, cymbal pads, and electronic hi-hats as the triggers. The major types of triggers are mesh-head drum pads, rubber pads, cymbal pads, and acoustic drum triggers.
Roland’s newest entry-level drum kit for sale in the V-Drums portfolio is the TD-1K. The TD-1K has an attractive price tag compared to the other V-Drums kits, while still maintaining the quality, feel, and the sound of the Roland electronic V-Drums. Roland also has a variation of the TD-1K called the TD-1KV. This electronic drum kit is identical to the TD-1K except the standard snare pad is replaced with a mesh head pad, the PDX-8 on the TD-1KV.

The TD-1K is a lightweight drum kit that comes with a sturdy drum rack that can be adjusted with three knobs to fit every user. The compact and ergonomic design allows for setup in small spaces as well as less space needed when you store it away.

The quality of the TD-1K is what really sets it apart from other entry-level, low-cost electronic drum kit on the market. The rubber pads are sensitive and responsive allowing for a better feel while playing. The cymbal pads have a dual zone, which allows for the crash, choke, and the ability to play bell sounds. The rubber pads are low noise and quiet. This kit also allows for advanced hi-hat playing. The control pedals for the bass drum and hi-hat can are quite as well and they can be placed where needed. The TD-1K and TD-1KV has a stealth playing mode allowing for practice anywhere and anytime.

The quality of the drum module is also why it makes this a great entry level drum kit. Don’t let the minimal buttons fool you. The module has a built-in metronome to help establish and hold tempo. It comes with 15 quality drum kits on board to suit all types of playing genres. It also comes with coach mode that is great for beginners as a training tool.

The TD-1K and the TD-1KV are great for beginners as well as advanced players who are looking for a compact kit for practice. It is not only great for all skill levels but also great for all ages. This is a perfect kids drum set. It may be a little more expensive than other entry-level kits, but the quality makes it worth it because it will last. The ability to upgrade and expand the TD-1K is also appealing because as you advance you can upgrade your kit. Check out this great reviews on the TD-1K and this review. Hope this helps you pick your drum kit.