Bluetooth Speakers

Loudspeakers have come a long way over the years to the speakers we know of today. The ever-evolving technology started from analog speakers to digital speakers and speakers using different techniques and methods to emit the amplified sound. Speakers are in all types of devices and used to boost audio from computers, smart devices, and televisions just to name a few. There are also speakers that are wired and now speakers that are wireless.
The creation of wireless speakers coincided with the development of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth uses radio signals to transport data. This is how wireless speakers work. The audio from the device transmits a radio frequency to a receiver in the speaker device. An amplifier that broadcasts the radio signal powers the wireless speaker.

Now people have to make decisions on what speaker is best for their use cases. There are pros and cons to both the wired and wireless speakers making it difficult to choose between them. Hopefully, we can help you determine which speaker is best for you.

Wireless Speakers:

Wireless speakers work without a single wire connected to the device. This makes for a cleaner and easier installation.
Wireless speakers are portable, which makes them more convenient to move around where needed without having to carry around all the cables.
Smaller battery-powered speakers are also easily transportable to places without power. You can easily boost your music from your phone to your speaker.
Wireless speakers with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology can connect to multiple different devices.

The sound quality of wireless speakers is not as good as wired speakers. This could be because of the signal errors or poor signal with the radio frequency connection between the device and speaker.
There could also be issues with interference when going to wireless speakers. Since many devices use radio frequency today, there could be potential issues.
There is zero control over the amplification and conversion with wireless speakers.
Some wireless speakers may require AC power. This would require an outlet where you would want to install them.

Wired Speakers:
Wired speakers mostly have a high-quality sound and the performance is more dependable.
Wired speakers offer you a level of control over the finer aspects of the sound than wireless speakers do.
Unlike wireless speakers, there are usually no interference issues.
With wired speakers, there is no need for batteries or AC power like some wireless speakers.
The setup can be easy because all you need to do is connect them to the amplifier.

A major downside of the wired speakers is the speaker cables. Trying to hide these cables can be hard from an install perspective. If you don’t hide them you have to deal with the aesthetic appeal where installed.
There could also be limitations where you can install them because it needs to connect to the amplifier.
Wired speakers are also less portable.

As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best speaker. The reason for needing a speaker is one. How good of a performance and quality you desire. For home theater sound systems, you need to consider the room layout, AC outlets, and installation.