Roland TD-11K honest look.

Roland has been a major sound and music brand since their establishment in 1972. They manufacture many instruments and devices like pianos, keyboards, drums, organs, guitars, synthesizers, amplifiers, and more. Roland’s first electronic drum set was created in 1985. Roland has kept up with the evolution of the electronic drum set but I also believe that Roland has had a major impact on the evolution as well. I can confidently say that Roland is one of the leaders in this market.

One of Roland’s popular electronic drum sets is the TD-11K. This drum kit is perfect for everyone no matter their skill level. It may be considered to be on the expensive end compared to similar electronic drum sets on the market, but I believe it is still affordable. The TD-11K is portable; only weighing around 48 lbs. It is also versatile because of its flexible materials and the simple steps of setting it up.

The drum kit comes with the TD-11 sound module with a large LCD screen. The V-Drums V-Compact Series is enhanced with SuperNATURAL technology through Behavior Modeling where the response becomes more precise and faster, and the ambiance enhances the sounds more realistically. It is also equipped with onboard backing songs and loop phrases. It also has the ability to play back audio files (WAV, MP3) directly from one USB port. The second USB port can be used to connect to your computer for transmitting audio and MIDI data. The TD-11 module also has integrated practice tools like Coach Mode, including Time Check, Quiet Count, and Warm Ups. In addition to Coach Mode, the TD-11 has QUICK REC, letting you easily record and play back your own performance.

The Roland TD-11K comes with PDX-8 mesh V-Pad snare features Roland’s dual-zone technology. This 10-inch snare provides accurate and even sensing between the head and the rim. There are three toms with this set. The PD-8A durable 8.5-inch rubber pad toms offer super-accurate triggering like the snare, but they are single-zone and do not offer rim shot technology.

This set also comes with three cymbal pads. The crash cymbal and the ride cymbal are the CY-8 with 12-inch playing zone. The CY-8 offers “swinging” motion with great response and choke capabilities. The hi-hat cymbal pad is the CY-5, which has a 10-inch playing zone and swing movement. The hi-hat pedal is the FD-8, giving drummers realistic hi-hat sounds. With the FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, drummers can get realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed positions. The CY-5 and CY-8 cymbals offer dual-trigger technology for separate bow and edge triggering.

For the bass drum, the TD-11K comes with the KD-9. The KD-9 is designed with new mechanics and a beater-resistant woven cloth, providing great feel, dynamic response, and accurate triggering. This set does not come with the bass kick, which I view as a negative of this drum kit.

The TD-11K drum set uses the MDS-4V drum stand. The MDS-4V is the most space-efficient drum stand giving the TD-11K its flexibility. The metal center-horizontal joint bar along with lower weight balance is for improved stability and solidness during frequent set-ups and tear-downs.

I would recommend the Roland TD-11K to anyone because of its affordability, flexibility, and versatility. Check out another review of the TD-11K I also heard about the new Roland TD-17 series that will precede the Roland TD-11. Check out this site for the review of this new drum kit at here.