Alesis Nitro Kit

Alesis was established in the 1980s and founded on a semi-conductor chip technology that gave musicians and artists the opportunity for affordable studio level recording equipment. In 2001, Alesis started producing affordable analog mixers with built-in Digital Signal Processing, computer audio interfaces and controllers, and a full line of electronic percussion products.
Electronic drum kits are great for drummers who want to play and practice anywhere they can. The electronic drums offer the ability for noise control and portability over acoustic drums. The Alesis Nitro Kit is one of the best selling drum kits on the market because of its affordability while still maintaining quality. This makes it great for all different levels of drummers starting from beginners to experts.

This affordable eight-piece electronic drum kit comes complete and ready with everyhigh-quality to play like Chad Smith. The Alesis Nitro kit comes with four 8” drum pads with high quality rubber. Three of the pads are dynamic single zone tom pads and one of the pads is a dual zone snare drum pad, which gives this drum kit great natural feel and response.

It also comes with a large and sensitive kick drum pad and bass drum pedal, supported by a stark pad tower. There are three 10” cymbal pads, which include a single zone ride cymbal, hi-hat cymbal with hi-hat pedal, and crash cymbal with choke. Both the snare drum and the crash cymbal come with multi-zone sensors for rim shots. These components are mounted on a sturdy four post aluminum rack for flexibility and stability.

This kit also includes Alesis’ powerful Nitro drum module. It comes complete with 40 ready to play classic and modern preset kits. It also comes with 385 drum and percussion sounds, so you can tweak any kit or even create your own. The Nitro drum module includes 60 play-along tracks, which is great for beginners that want to buy this kit.

There are also additional benefits built-in to the Nitro module. The module has an onboard metronome to help play rhythms accurately and improving drumming skills. It also has an advanced sequencer and performance recorder. The USB/MIDI connection allows for the module to be used with external devices, computers, and mobile devices. Headphone output on the module allows for use of headphones when noise control is needed and private practice. Finally, the stereo line outputs allow for connection to PA system, amplifiers, or recording consoles and the stereo aux input allows for connection of a CD/MP3 player.

Here is a video review where you can check out how the kit sounds.

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The Alesis Nitro is one of the best electronic drum kits in this price range. If you decide to purchase this kit, you are getting a quality kit from a manufacturer that tries to provide the best product at an affordable price. At this price point, this kit is great for beginners and for advanced users looking for a practice drum. Alesis also offers the Nitro Mesh Kit, which is similar to the Nitro Kit but with mesh heads.